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Jean Monnet cherished his garden. He loved walking in nature and immersing himself in the landscape.

Parc de la Maison Jean Monnet

The park: a journey through Jean Monnet’s youth

A marked route snaking through the park, punctuated by several stations, will take you back in time to the years of Jean Monnet’s youth.

From his apprenticeship trips to many countries of the world as a cognac merchant, to his marriage to Silvia de Bondini in the 1930s, you can discover the stages on Jean Monnet’s remarkable journey, which ended in his home in the hamlet of Houjarray, at the heart of an area that would later become the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park.

Europe in a garden

Did you know that every European country has chosen a floral emblem? And that Europe’s cultural and historic diversity can be traced through the history of these plants?

Come and learn more in the ‘European Citizen’s Garden’ adjacent to the amphitheatre in the centre of the Jean Monnet House park. The garden was created, and is maintained, by the Association Paradeisos-Jardins européens.

Remarkable trees

On this eight-step circuit visitors can discover the various areas of the park that were planted in memory of Jean Monnet, or dedicated to him, by leading European politicians.

Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park

Today, just as in Jean Monnet’s time, the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park (RNP) offers a unique natural setting.

When you come to visit the former home of the founding father of Europe, why not also take the opportunity to discover the surrounding plains and forests of the Yvelines region on foot, by bike or on horseback? A number of routes passing by the Jean Monnet House are marked on the RNP’s website.